Cialis 10mg

Cialis (tadalafil) is a drug used for the treatment of male impotence. It comes in tablets containing 5, 10 and 20 mg of the active ingredient. You dosage depends on the health assessment results. Your doctor will need to conduct a full health examination in order to establish whether this medicine will be beneficial for you. The tablets of Cialis are yellow, almond-shaped and film coated. Cialis can be taken as needed or on the daily basis (a new product - Cialis for daily use, a low-dose tablet you can take every day).

Cialis must not be taken along with any drugs that contain nitrates, for example nitroglycerin ointments, nitroglycerine pills and isosorbide pills, as well as nitroglycerine patches, or recreational drugs poppers. Taking these medicines simultaneously with Cialis may cause a dangerous sudden drop in blood pressure and even lead to death. Do not take this drug more than once a day. If you missed a dose and it's almost time to take another one do not take two tablets to make up for the missed one. Side effects are different for every person, so you need to watch your condition closely. If any symptoms appear and get worse with time contact your doctor to discuss possible solutions.

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